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Earn BIG PEDs in Entropia Universe Quick


  • Be Earning peds FASTER than MOST PLAYERS in Entropia Universe
  • Be taught one of the BEST TRICKS to EARN PEDs



What is StuffPoint?
StuffPoint is free for all users. You can reedem for any game credits like Entropia PEDs and Lindens in StuffPoint. StuffPoint also features contest where participants can win HUGE points. Earning points in StuffPoints can be as easy as voting on polls, joining a fan club and even playing games.

Entropia universe ped

Before We start... Let's take a look at some of the Testimonial of players who have EARNED PEDs in StuffPoint


Profile of darksun who has used StuffPoint and REDEEMED 384 PEDS in a WEEK.
This can be seen at "stuff i've received".

Entropia universe peds
Darksun redeemed 96 PEDs 4 times on StuffPoint = 384 PEDs


Profile of darksun Now:
Darksun now has redeemed 96 PEDs 9 times = 864 PEDs

It takes less than 60 seconds to get started and in return MORE PEDs. See below :


1. Login to StuffPoint. If you are not a member. Sign up here

2.Click on the "Earn" section of the page. You will end up here.
Entropia free peds

3. Start completing offers and tasks to Earn points!

Entropia earn peds

4.Once you have sufficient points. Click on the "Earn Points" section and select "Spend points".

                You can redeem 48 PEDs for 6,500 points and 96 PEDs for 12,500 points.

TIPS: To earn the best points, do Crowdflowers, SupersonicAds and TrialPay. Visit F.A.Q section of the blog to find out why, when and how to redeem Entropia PEDs in StuffPoint.

To learn how to redeem your peds click here

Another way to Earn BIG PEDs is Entropia Partners. Let's take a look at Entropia Partners and steps to get started :

Entropia Partners

Entropia Partners is a unique place to earn PEDs. You can earn peds by watching Videos and completing Micro-task. There is also a daily & weekly raffle where you can participate for free and stand a chance to win PEDs.

Below is a step by step guide for you!


1. Log in to Entropia Partners. If you don't have an account, you can sign up Here

2. After you have signed up, you will be able to see various ways to earn PEDs :

Watch Videos

    You can earn PEDs easy by watching videos. Each video is worth 0.04PEDs.

    Entropia universe ped

    Entropia universe ped
      (Once the red close box turns green, you will receive your peds.)


      Another way is to complete Micro-Tasks which provides high earning opportunities. There will be a couple of task available.

      Entropia earning peds


        Sell your sweat for 2PED/k. Visit "Vibrant Sweat" section

        Entropia how to earn peds

        Entropia Partners Issues

        If you encounter any difficulties. Visit the "FAQ" section.

        earn entropia peds

        Withdraw your PEDs

        Lastly, if you want to withdraw your earnings. Click on "Request Withdraw". You will see some names.

        Earning entopia peds

        Click on any online representatives and you will be put into a chat with them. They will then guide and inform you the place for transaction to be made.

        Earn entropia universe peds

        Not a member yet? Sign up here

        - Not convinced? View Payment Proofs of Entropia Partners
        - Learn How to Sweat while using Entropia Partners
        - Learn How to Auto-Sweat

        Thursday, 1 August 2013

        Earn PED - A Recommended Guide

        Earn PEDs TODAY with PEDtoClick

        PedtoClick is a pay to click website with hundreds of ways to earn peds, other than sweating for hours. A pay to click website is a website that pays its users a share of the revenue from the advertisers that paid for the ads and offer you peds when you view it. This way, you can easily convert your time into PED.

        Payouts are made at a specific time that you can meet up with a PEDtoClick representive for an in game trade. There is NO tax or fee on your earnings. You can also check if a representative is online for an anytime payment.

        Earn PED while sweating now! Sign up here

        Here is a quick guide on how to sweat while using PEDtoClick :

        Add auto-use tool to your desktop or set it to a key. Press "Y" to open up the action library and search for "auto" to find it. Next you are going to want to play in window mode.

        Then you can simply browse PEDtoClick while sweating in game. Click advertisements in game and you can multiply your profits! A good sweater makes 10 cents an hour of sweating, or 1PED, using this website you can easily make that in a matter of minutes rather than hours!

        Below is an example of me sweating while using this website

        You can earn peds with many ways on PEDtoClick. Here is exactly how to earn.

        Clicking Ads

        Earn 5, 10, 15, 20 PEC per click. Sometimes even 1PED! All you need to do is to click the ad and wait for the timer to expire, verify that you are a human by clicking an image, and the PED is deposited into your account!


        Through our Virool video offerwall you can earn PED by watching youtube video's from our sponsors. Earnings are instantly deposited into your accounts!

        Surveys and Offers

        Complete offers by downloading, purchasing, or giving your phone number to sponsors! These pay a large amount of PED, however most are not free, you will have to check and see for yourself for each offer. Or complete free surveys, try games, or other free options for PED. Payment are added when AdWorkMedia verifies that you have completed the offer. I will be honest here, some offers do not instantly verify and you have to go through a little goose chase to get the approval from AdWorkMedia. Always check out the offer before going far into it. As these are offsite like the tasks i cannot verify that you have completed it myself.

        Configuring Entropia to earn PEDs while sweating

        I'll want to show the setting of Entropia Universe that helps you sweating and earning additional PEDs with Entropia Partners at the same time.

        Option Menu
        In game (Entropia Universe) You should press "Escape" button to show Option Menu.

        Control Submenu
        In Options menu you should select submenu "Controls", where parameter "Move to target when Interacting" change to enabled mode (if already enabled don't change).
        Entropia Universe Earn PED
                               It helps your avatar to sweating in inactive window.

        Graphics Submenu
        In Option menu you should select submenu "Graphics". In "Graphics" disable parameter "Fullscreen" (if already enabled don't change) and change "General Graphics Quality" to "Low" mode.
        Entropia Ped earn
                              It gives your PC more system space to make it faster.

        As a result you can earn additional PEDs with Entropia Partners by doing tasks or watching videos or sweating at the same time.

        Entropia Partners Payment Proofs

        Testimonials For Entropia Partners

        All Testimonials Are Real and some players are contactable via Entropia Universe.

        "100% Legit, Entropia Partners delivers on promise of Easy PED's! Usually on in Early mornings so Alklek is my paymaster he's there like clock work. No hassle getting PEDs."  
        -Hunter TheGame

        "I have cashed out a little over 55 ped since starting with Entropia Partners and it's all from just watching video's! Deliveries have always be fast and pleasant! Keep up the GREAT work EP!!!!"


         Image Proof

        Image by: Flamingo

        Wednesday, 31 July 2013

        Configuring Entropia Auto Tool

        How to Auto-Sweat

        Add auto-use tool to your desktop or set it to a key. Press "Y" to open up the action library and search for "auto" to find it. Next you are going to want to play in window mode.

        Then you can simply browse Entropia Partners or StuffPoint while sweating in game. Click advertisements in game and you can multiply your profits! A good sweater makes 10 cents an hour of sweating, or 1PED, using this website you can easily make that in a matter of minutes rather than hours!

        Check out how to Sweat while using Entropia Partners and StuffPoint

        Redeem Entropia PEDs - StuffPoint

        Step 1

        Login to StuffPoint
        Redeem for your Free Entropia PEDs ( 48 PEDs & 96 PEDs ) At the "Browse Products" Section.

        Want to get FREE 48 PEDs &  96 PEDs? Sign up here

        Step 2

        Your prize will be delivered to your email.

        Copy and paste the following link to get your game code

        Step 3

        Go to Ukash to redeem your PEDs
        Enter your Ukcash voucher number and the amount which is given in the email. Click "continue"

        Step 4

        Confirm your Ukcash Deposit. The following should appear.
        Click "Transfer" once you make sure everything is alright.

        Step 5

        There you go! You have your PEDs now.

        Not a member of StuffPoint? Want to earn PEDs? Sign up here

        Sunday, 28 July 2013

        Video - Earning PEDs with Entropia Partners and StuffPoint

                                                             I made a video about Entropia Partners and StuffPoint

        My guide will show you how you can earn Entropia Universe PEDs easily. To do this visit to learn more!


        • You will learn that earning PEDs can be done faster than you have ever expected. 
        • A ground-breaking truth you never knew..
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